Sean Erenstoft Pushes Mediation To Help Clients Avoid Costly Litigation

Los Angeles civil rights advocate, Sean Erenstoft advocates turning away from costly litigation and focusing on the efficient practice of mediation and arbitration.

Mediation is an alternative to costly, long-winded litigation. Before or after litigation is filed, enlightened parties seek this confidential cost-saving method to find a permanent solution to conflicts which may otherwise churn along for years in the court system. Sean Erenstoft is a practiced trial lawyer who is now focused on convincing the pubic to seek mediation and arbitration as the preferred method of resolving conflicts.

Mediation is the painstaking effort of finding resolution through a series of agreements by and between the parties. The first agreement is to direct arguments to the mediator. The mediator serves to bridge a communication gap and supplement each parties’ understanding of their legal strengths and weaknesses without the traditional x versus y posture. Erenstoft sees settlement as an exercise in self-realization with the mediator as the catalyst.

The mediator provides non-judgmental evaluations of the factual and legal arguments raised in any dispute.
Settlements reached are placed in confidential writings, signed by the parties, and, if necessary, can be enforced by court’s orders. Otherwise, the courts are not involved and lawyer fees are minimized.

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