Danger: Hobbled Veterans Admin to Pick Up Slack if ObamaCare Dismantled

Veterans’ rights advocate, Sean Erenstoft warns about the pending “treason against vets.”  Current efforts by the Trump administration are clearly at odds.  For one, the Trump administration has issued an executive order to commence the dismantling of ObamaCare while a second Trump order freezes federal hiring.

Erenstoft cites a report by the Rand Corporation who estimates that about 3 million veterans rely on some aspect of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare or the ACA) given that they receive their health insurance through an ACA exchange or their employers. Coupled with the fact that the V.A. is already over-extended and under-staffed, this could prove catastrophic for the millions of warriors who require health care.

Just this week, the Trump Administration began efforts to repeal the ACA and signed an executive order freezing federal hiring despite the desperate plea by the V.A. for the need to fill about 45, 000 vacancies at the veterans’ organization.

The debate now wages whether the hiring freeze will effect the V.A. despite Trump’s campaign promises to veterans who were the center-piece of his early campaign to become president.

The Veteran’s Administration was vilified in 2015 after administrative fraud was discovered and given much publicity. However, the V.A. has remained dangerously understaffed despite efforts by top brass to correct the methodology of ensuring timely medical assistance to vets.

Nonetheless, astute observers to the political quandary of the “repeal and replace” theology should pay heed to the potential for a glut of previously insured vets hitting up their local V.A. hospitals for care that was previously addressed in the private sphere under the ACA. And given that many of the ailments that haunt our veterans, it remains unclear whether they will qualify under traditional insurance policies which will be quick to deny medical benefits to applicants with “pre-existing” conditions. The repeal of the ACA is a proverbial “tempest in a teapot.” What’s brewing today on Capitol Hill could provide for a calamity at a V.A. hospital near you.

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